Q&A: Inara Kim


How long have you been teaching yoga?  inara

I started teaching in 1991.

Why did you become a yoga teacher? Who and/or what are your biggest influences?

I’ve studied with many master teachers over the years, but my biggest influences are the students that i meet in class!

How has yoga helped you to be a better person?

I hope that I am a more open, curious, and accepting person, but it’s hard to compare “before and after” yoga because I’ve been practicing a long time.

What is your personal mission statement as a yoga teacher?

Create spaciousness so students can explore, discover, and play.

What do you think constitutes an excellent yoga instructor?

I think it’s finding the right match of instructor and student. What one student thinks is excellent, another student might think is poor. A popular instructor might or might not be an excellent instructor. A teacher I might not think is excellent might be the best for my practice in that moment. I’m learning over time not to judge.

What was your most challenging teaching experience?

I had a bad case of laryngitis and had to do silent classes for a few days. I received the most amazing feedback–who knew???

What do you recommend to the beginner student? To the seasoned student?

For beginners: a five-minute practice counts as a practice! Don’t think that if you don’t do a full class it doesn’t count; 99.5% is getting to the mat. So practice, even for five minutes, on whatever days you can! If you don’t know what to practice, then each week take one new pose or technique you learned in class and practice that. At the end of the year, you’ll have a great repertoire of poses.

For continuing students: remember that yoga is powerful, and that if you are a regular practitioner your body and mind will change over time. This means what worked for you in the beginning might or might not be serving you now. Be open to new instructions, poses, techniques, and traditions. The more you practice, the more you change; make sure your yoga changes with you!

How do you take your yoga off the mat?

I attempt to be as present as I can throughout the day, savoring each moment. It’s still a work in progress!

What is the one pose you are most proud of getting into?

Headstand. It took me three years to get away from the wall, and now it is one of my favorite poses.

What is your favorite time of day to practice yoga?

My favorite time of day to practice is right before dinner, but if I don’t practice first thing in the morning my practice never happens, so early morning it is!

Where is the best place you have ever practiced yoga?

Next to the Seven Sacred Pools in Hana, Hawaii.

What is your favorite music to listen to while practicing yoga?

Depends what type of yoga I’m practicing. I have a special playlist when practicing Kripalu yoga, and silence for Ashtanga yoga. For other types of yoga, I tend to lean toward chants, my favorites by Jennifer Berezan. When I attend a class as a student, I’m up for anything.

What else do you want students to know about you?

Even though I stand up in front of others and teach yoga, I’m quite the introvert.

Why do you love teaching at Pulsation Yoga?

Kathy and Jim have created a vibrant, loving, connected community. That doesn’t happen everywhere. I feel very fortunate to be a small part of Pulsation.

Inara Kim teaches at the Pulsation Yoga studio in Lake Zurich. Check out the class schedule to attend her classes.